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[Syo awakes in the middle of a dusty, unused street. She has no recollection of what had happened in the past day, nor does she have any idea what happened the victim she was about to sink her scissors into. She feels around her holster and to her dissatisfaction finds only one pair of scissors inside, crusty with dried blood.

She does, however, know exactly where she is, and she could almost see the black aura emanating from the hellhole she called home. More than likely, she’d stay out a little longer, and maybe swipe some food in the process. She can feel the cold, sweet sense of liberation shooting up her spine.]

Could’ve probably taken something from the little ratty after he died…

Oho! I bet he’s dried meat by now!!

[She hums to herself as she begins her deadly rush down the alleyway, feeling around the air for the scent of iron and blood.

She reaches the corner where she had attacked him, the puddles of blood now dyeing the asphalt a lovely crimson. However—]

Whaaaaat? There’s no corpse?? Not even caution tape?


[She hadn’t finished the job, which was one of the worst things that could happen. A good serial killer is never caught, and no matter how cute he is, he has to be torn to shreds, bit by bit! And since he managed to escape, she would be sure to make it a slow, slow process.

Savoring the idea of shaving the skin of his pale face, she moves out of the area quickly, sure to pick up the pair of scissors still sticking ominously out of the ground.]

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