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[Clack. The sliding window was thrust open, and Syo breathed in the stinking city, waggling her tongue as if she could feel the smells with it. Remnants from her many dinners lined the side of the building, and the rottenness delicately wafted to her second-floor window. Fresh, rotting smells, much more pungent than the staleness of her room. She could feel the delicious nastiness creeping up her body.

Freedom. This was always the smell of freedom.]

It’s my lucky day today, isn’t it?

The greatest serial killer in the world finally gets another outing! It’s the karma from all my wonderful murders up ‘til now! Or something like that!!


[Syo laughed to herself softly, careful not to wake the three people downstairs. She felt around her right leg, checking to see if her beloved holster was still there, and it was. She felt her left leg, smiling at the several scars lining the surface in a beautiful pattern.

Swiftly, she lifted a leg to the window and hoisted herself halfway through the rim before she stopped cold. Something had caught her eye. Smooth, cat-like, she stretched out her neck to get a better view.]

I wonder what that squishy little lump is doing in my old food!

[She let her voice grow louder, attempting to reach the figure she spotted loitering in the alley.]

Is the little rat hungry~?

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